What Your Shampoo Is Telling You: switching to a sulfate-free product

You need to understand that if you have been using a product containing sulfates all your life, you have become accustomed to the feeling of unnatural cleanliness on top of your head. Not only that, but you have created a vicious cycle in which your body is over compensating for the natural oils that have been striped away every time you wash your hair (see What Your Shampoo Is Telling You: what are sulfates and why are they bad for you?) and thus produces an increased amount of oil every time.  So, the when you being using our sulfate-free products, you may feel a little more substance in your hair then you are used to and your hair will probably be much more oily. This is normal. You will have begun a natural, regenerative process that will get better with time. If you stick with our products your scalp will be able to return to normal and you will be amazed at how much better your hair looks and feels.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat


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