What Your Shampoo Is Telling You: how the patented Filling Station tackles post consumer waste.

Americans use too much plastic! By the time you have read this article over 200,000 bottles will have been thrown away in the US alone – That’s 60 million a day and 20 billion a year! Of that staggering number, Americans only recycle 27% or 16.2 million a day. So where do the other 43.8 million go? Often times its the ocean. As we speak, there are at least 5 major garbage patches floating in the world’s oceans filled almost entirely with plastic. It is difficult for us to empathize with this because these patches are accumulating far from our every day lives. But we at Use Me cannot ignore this any longer and neither should you. Thousands of sea creatures are being killed every year from the debris alone, and then there is the pollution from the decomposition of the plastics themselves (more info).

I will be the first to say that post-consumer recycled plastic is an amazing tool for eco-conscious brands. At this point in time, every company across the board should be required to use as much recycled plastic as possible. The problem is, not everyone recycles, and even when they do, it is a very energy intensive process.

We at Use Me have come up with our own solution, the Filling Station. Our partner salons are equipped with reservoirs of our products, each with a custom designed manual pump. Customers who buy bottles of cleanser and moisturizer from the salon can later return when their bottles are empty and refill them. So, rather than constantly having to recycle your bottles, with our system you will only need one bottle for the rest of your life!

Refill, Reuse, Repeat


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