Why Use ME?

Why Use Me?

We are a line of hair care products that is all about natural ingredients, eco-smart packaging and giving back to create a better, cleaner world. The product line was developed by salon entrepreneurs because they were tired of companies promising and selling one thing and, after experiencing a few years of success, changing the game by becoming part of a larger concern.

Additionally, the founders set out to create a line that was/is good enough to eat… these vegan products are sulfate free and are harmless on all fronts – body and earth. They work incredibly well and are the definition of sustainability because once the initial bottle is purchased, the packaging can be re-used at a specially and consciously constructed salon-based Filling Station (See Here).

The products:

  • contain organic ingredients.
  • are created for all types of hair.
  • are pleasantly scented and not overly perfumed.
  • were created by salon professionals.
  • work.
  • come in eco-friendly reusable packaging.

For the salon owner:

“Use Me is the coolest line I’ve seen in years… their natural products really work and I love the reaction my customers have when they find out that they don’t cost an arm and a leg to use (beauty in this case does not have its price) and that the shampoos, conditioners and styling products can be re-filled right here. Oh, and the fact that I can sell the re-fill bar as furniture to my clients is kinda cool, too.”

  • 100% natural & organic, vegan ingredients, not overly scented, eco-friendly great scented products that work.
  • Tested and used at a salon on humans, no animal testing ever.
  • 100% post-consumer waste packaging that is re-useable, re-filled at salon-based enviro-friendly re-fill bar.
  • Created by salon professionals who care as much about beauty as they do about mother earth.
  • Use Me products work, they are smart and mark the beginning of a revolution in hair care that considers, profits, the environment and your clients’ budgets.

Need I say more?

Refill, Reuse, Repeat


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