WYSITY: Smelling Good Never Felt So Great


When we say we are the most comprehensive hair care line, we mean it. First, we wanted Use Me Products to be the best functioning, most professional hare care brand available. Next, we scoured the globe to find ingredients that would make our formulas some of the safest and most environmentally friendly on the planet. The third step, oft overlooked by brands and customers alike, was finding the right aroma (I say aroma and not fragrance because as I have stated before, the word FRAGRANCE has become tainted by the beauty products industry). Of course everyone wants their products to smell good, but few really explore the intricate power of sense of smell.

People often forget how important your sense of smell really is. It can affect the way your food tastes, is directly connected with your emotions, and I am willing to bet that all of you reading this article have an arsenal of memories linked with smells locked away just waiting to be released. Aromatherapy is an underrated form of alternative medicine that uses natural aromas to alter a persons mind, mood, and health. Essential oils, extracted from natural sources, trigger chemical responses in the brain to achieve any number of affects. You may not realize it, but this happens to you almost every day. You may be calmed by the familiar smell of your house, aroused by the distinct scent of your lover, and most certainly physically sickened by the smell of whatever repulsed you. There are naturally, everyday scents that can unleash these feelings, and this is the power of auromatherapy.

We at Use Me have done our homework. If you are going to wash your hair with product and smell it all day, that is a something that will affect the way you feel, ALL DAY. So, when we were picking the natural, essential oils to add to our products, we thought of how we wanted to feel all day. Each Use Me product, with the exception of the odorless Sea Salt Matte Paste, has a unique blend of essential oils and botanical extracts to not only smell good, but make you feel great all day. Our aromas include Lavender, Lemon Grass, Night Jasmine, Violet, which evoke sensuality, relaxation, relief from depression and even form powerful love sachets;)

This is just one more way in which we have explored every little detail to create the most comprehensive professional hair care line. We have brought back the power of Natural Frangrance so you can look good, feel good, and do good for yourself and the planet. Checkout your local salon to purchase our products and if they do not yet carry Use Me, tell them to give us a call. Also, you can purchase online at www.usemeproducts.com.

Check out http://www.holistic-guide.com/aromatherapy for more info on what our essential oils and botanical extracts can do.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat


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