“The Health of Your Body… Shows Up in Your Hair”: the importance of being Sulfate-Free

I recently read an informative blog post by Killer Strands Hair Clinic, explaining the importance of using Sulfate-Free beauty products. This is a great post that highlights a major aspect of Use Me’s mission, touching on the silent dangers and consequences of modern beauty. The following is an excerpt from the article that is vital to reeducating beauty enthusiasts around the country…

“Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell a good shampoo from a poor one. Cost, fragrance, and lots of foam is what most people look for in shampoo products. Lather and foam does absolutely nothing to make a shampoo a good one, but they often get the most attention.This is something I am trying to re-teach America: Lots of bubbles has zero to do with the quality of shampoo – you must let that one thing ‘go’ – please.

Foaming occurs when surfactant molecules gather around air instead of oil. The result is millions of tiny bubbles. Obviously, the air bubbles are using the surfactants that should be removing dirt and oil. We have all seen shampoo advertisements showing happy, beautiful people taking showers with their heads heaped high with mounds of lather. These images have taught the public to associate lather with cleansing ability. The truth is, lots of foamy lather only means too much shampoo was used. Excess foam equals waste. Sebum and other oils quickly destroy foam. Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to lubricate the scalp and hair. This will help your fingers massage the shampoo more effectively into the hair. Fragrances and foaming qualities are not good ways to evaluate shampoos. ”

This post reiterates everything we are trying to teach our customers and beauty products users around the world. But, sometimes it takes more than one person to convince people of something. I recommend checking out the rest of the article to learn why it is so important to use Sulfate-Free hair care products.


To learn more about Use Me Products and purchase our Sulfate-Free Cleansers, visit our website at www.usemeproducts.com

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