Our Amazing, 100% Recycled, Reclaimed, and Recyclable Booth at America’s Beauty Show

Recently, we used this year’s America’s Beauty Show in Chicago as an opportunity to flaunt our sustainability and support our claim of being the most comprehensive, eco-conscious hair care brand available.

Even next to the monumental, three story stages boasting high rise rigging with nightclub quality sound systems and light displays, it was hard not to be proud of our booth. Our measly 10′ by 20′ display was intricately designed to maximize our space while remaining within our eco-conscious ethics. Created in Biddeford Maine by Sterling Morse, the structure is based on three materials; reclaimed wood, recycled metal, and recycled/recyclable cardboard. The wood and metal were harvested from scrap yards and dumps in Maine, while the cardboard was a meticulously engineered honeycomb design that maximized durability and strength while minimizing weight. The booth is designed for minimum-energy set up, meaning that it could be put up and taken apart as efficiently, with the smallest carbon footprint possible.

The structure itself is split into two parts; a 10′ by 10′ conference room consisting of four honeycomb cardboard walls covered by hand-sewn and dyed fabric, and a 10′ by 10′ L – shaped stage made from reclaimed wood and stacked cardboard cash-counter. On the stage we had two salon chairs where our three Use Me stylists gave professional blow-outs to lucky beauty show patrons. All in all is was a major success and it was great to see how captivated and inquisitive people were in both the booth and in being a sustainable, eco-friendly company.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat


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