The Difference Between Fine and Thin Hair

Victoria Beckham has fine hair, but that doesn’t necessarily mean she has thin hair, too.

The words “fine” and “thin” seem to be used interchangeably when it comes to hair textures. Since the Use Me line contains products specially formulated for fine hair, we’d like to clear up the confusion when it comes to less-than-voluminous hair types.

Fine refers to the texture of hair, whereas thin refers to the density of hair. Someone with fine hair may have a high hair density, but suffer from limp, flat hair due to its texture. Someone with thin hair could have a coarse hair texture, but still struggle with creating volume because there’s less hair to work with.

Our Cleanser and Moisturizer for Fine Hair (as well as our volumizing styling aid, Anti Gravity Volume Myst) work to thicken each hair, creating more body for those with fine hair. If you have thin, yet coarse hair, you might do well with our Cleanser and Moisturizer for Dry & Coarse Hair!

image via Hot Beauty Health

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