New Filling Station in San Francisco!

Hey, San Franciscans, guess what? MaduSalon now has the only Use Me Filling Station in the SFB area! You can refill your cleansers and moisturizers right in the salon, located at 300 Divisadero Street. We are so excited that Madu is helping us save the world, one shampoo bottle at a time—stop by today to join us in our eco-chic mission!

For more information, visit their website ( and be sure to “like” MaduSalon on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Location: 300 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: 415-626-4782


Timeless Tip #2: Use Me All Over

This “timeless tip” is a particular favorite among the Use Me team. When Jackie first told us about her experience, we knew it would make a great addition to our video series called “If I Knew Then What I Know Now.”

In case you missed last week’s introduction…

Each video clip in the series will feature our dear friend Jackie sharing her timeless tips for maintaining beauty and youth. Jackie is 75 years old and absolutely fabulous. Women (and men!) of any age can learn from her wisdom and experiences. Stay tuned each week for valuable life lessons and memorable beauty banter!

Visit for additional videos.

And now, this week’s timeless tip, featuring Jackie’s favorite Use Me product…! Check back next weekend for more of Jackie’s beauty tips!

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Introducing… MaduSalon

All of us on the Use Me team are so excited to welcome MaduSalon in San Francisco to our family of eco-conscious salons! We are absolutely thrilled to partner with a fabulous salon that specializes in curly hair, especially since Use Me was founded by a curly girl!

MaduSalon is a full service salon, offering haircuts, color, styling (including updos, extensions, and curl styling), waxing, skin detoxes, and cosmetic services. Check out the full services menu for more information.

We love that our products are now sold at MaduSalon, and soon, you’ll be able to refill your cleansers and moisturizers there too! For more information, visit their website ( and be sure to “like” MaduSalon on Facebook. Check out their Tumblr blog, too! If you live in the San Francisco area, call 415-626-4782 to schedule an appointment today!

Location: 300 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: 415-626-4782

Refill. Reuse. Repeat.

Check Out Our Amazing Review From Maria Organica

We are always looking for accomplished beauty and eco-friendly professionals to try our products. While we know that we have one of the most comprehensive and effective lines on the market, it is important to hear what other experts have to say.

We recently sent some product to Maria Organica, a self-proclaimed “vegan/vegetarian, animal activist, environmentalist and healthy educated consumer who understands the importance of buying power in health and the impact of the world”. I think the title of her review speaks for itself and rather than try to rewrite what she has written, I will only offer a small excerpt.

After I used their “Cleanser” my curly hair felt deep clean, but once I tried their “moisturizer”, I knew what their product was all about. Those two need to be used together to have the full effect; and I felt it right the way after my very first use. I also saved this review for a few weeks later after I dyed my hair to see how it would react to these products and it still worked great! My biggest surprise was yet to come. My husband, who has very thick and straight hair, (completely different than mine), used this product one day without asking me, and I was shocked to hear his testimony about it. I honestly thought it was only for curly hair, but it turns out that it did work with his hair type as well! So I think regardless of what type of hair you have, this product will work for you. It will help balance the structure and find it’s right level of moisturizer.

I recommend reading the entire article to hear about Maria’s complete Use Me experience.

Check out Maria’s Use Me Review Here (

Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Use Me Welcomes Salon Fringe of Reading, MA to the Family

All of us at USE Me are  thrilled to welcome Gary Hickey and his incredible team at Salon Fringe in Reading, MA to the Use Me family.

Salon Fringe opened its Haven Street doors 5 years ago and has been one of the premiere New England Salons ever since. Owner Gary Hickey has been in the industry fro over 27 years having owned one of Boston’s best hair salons on Newbury Street. Luckily for Reading, Gary decided to bring the quality and elegance of Boston’s Back Bay to Salon Fringe and provide a more upscale family friendly atmosphere. The salon quickly earned the reputation of being ‘the place to go in the Boston area’.

USE Me Products is honored to partner with such an established and professional salon and we look forward to assisting the masterful stylists at Fringe help their clients reach hair Nirvana.

Salon Fringe is located on 2 Haven Steet, Reading, MA, 01867, United States
Phone: (781)942-0400

For more information about Salon Fringe, visit or Call now and set up a consultation.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat