The Boom Boom Room 2012: Event Photos

September 21 & 22 marked our debut at the Boom Boom Room, a celebrity gifting suite on Emmy Eve! We are so glad to have met all of the attendees—celebrity moms, dads, parents-to-be, and even a few kids! Everyone was incredibly nice and we were able to spread the word about our eco-friendly, refillable, sulfate- and paraben-free products.

Check out photos from the two-day event below, and a bonus video of Constance Marie!

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All images via Twitter (@UseMeProducts and @jayneonimoore).


The Boom Boom Room 2012: Celebrity Tweets

We were absolutely thrilled to be invited to this year’s Boom Boom Room, a pre-Emmy Awards gifting suite for celebrity parents. Our eco-friendly products were very well-received, and everyone we met was so gracious and truly interested in our refill, reuse, repeat philosophy. A big thanks to everyone who stopped by The Boom Boom Room—it was great to meet you! And check out some of the celebrity tweets from our weekend!

All images are screenshots from our Twitter feed. Source: @UseMeProducts.

How To Wash Your Hair: using Use Me products to achieve sustainable beauty

An important step on the road to natural, sustainable beauty is how you use your products correctly. At Use Me we are not only concerned with providing the best, healthiest products, but also with education people and often changing their perception of cleanliness. I must say corporate marketing teams have done a great job convincing consumers what it means to be “clean”. If you watch any shampoo commercial online, you will undoubtedly see copious amounts of foam and suds, followed by a swish of the head and voila – beautiful shine from root to end. Little do you know, all that lather is really doing is stripping away your natural oils. These oils are a necessity and help nourish our hair while protecting our scalp. If you follow the ads, then once your hair is “clean”, you lather on moisturizer while your body rushes to produce extra oils because SOMEHOW they just got stripped away. What you are left with is an unnatural cycle that is slowly taking you down the road of premature aging hair. I would now like to outline the correct way to wash your hair to start you on the path towards natural hair.

First Rule: Cleanser is for the scalp, moisturizer is for the hair. 

When shampooing your hair, all you should be doing is cleansing your scalp. The cleanser (shampoo) is meant to remove excess oils and any dirt or grime that has accumulated on your scalp. Do not worry about lathering cleanser all throughout your hair. This will only lead you to use too much product and it will dry out your hair. If you are thinking “well my hair is dirty too so how do I get it clean”, do not worry. When you rinse, the cleanser will move down through your hair, removing any lingering dirt or grime. This process is more than enough to clean your scalp and hair, and it will leave your natural oils atop your head.

Now its time for moisturizer, to strengthen your hair and protect from the elements. Remember, you already have natural oils on your scalp that do the same thing. So, when applying moisturizer, focus on the hair and ends. This way, you will help repair your hair, reduce frizz, and enhance your natural shine without getting unnecessary buildup on your scalp that could clog pores and may even stress your body.

Second Rule: Wash once a day or every two days.

By washing your hair too many times, you run the risk of stripping away your natural oils. These oils make up a protective layer on your scalp called your sebum. Your sebum has many roles on your head and I recommend looking it up. Three important functions are protecting and moisturizing the skin, assisting your immune system, and nourishing your hair follicle. When the sebum is diminished or depleted, your skin is exposed and your body becomes stressed trying to replace it. Often times your body produce excess oils to repair the damage and prevent this from happening again. This will lead to an oily scalp, clogged pores, and cause you to wash more frequently, hence the unnatural, downwards spiral.

Final Rule: A little goes a long way. 

Everyone is different and it will take some experimentation to find the right amount of product, but trust me when I say “more is not better”. Not only are you running the risk of stripping away more good oils and drying out your hair, but you are wasting product, and product is money! All you really need is a teaspoon sized amount (usually even less) to get the job done. Remember, your hair is not a kitchen floor, it should not be “squeaky clean”. There are natural process that control your hair and you need to synchronize with and enhance them, not replace them, in order to achieve natural, sustainable beauty.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat

“The Health of Your Body… Shows Up in Your Hair”: the importance of being Sulfate-Free

I recently read an informative blog post by Killer Strands Hair Clinic, explaining the importance of using Sulfate-Free beauty products. This is a great post that highlights a major aspect of Use Me’s mission, touching on the silent dangers and consequences of modern beauty. The following is an excerpt from the article that is vital to reeducating beauty enthusiasts around the country…

“Unfortunately, it is not easy to tell a good shampoo from a poor one. Cost, fragrance, and lots of foam is what most people look for in shampoo products. Lather and foam does absolutely nothing to make a shampoo a good one, but they often get the most attention.This is something I am trying to re-teach America: Lots of bubbles has zero to do with the quality of shampoo – you must let that one thing ‘go’ – please.

Foaming occurs when surfactant molecules gather around air instead of oil. The result is millions of tiny bubbles. Obviously, the air bubbles are using the surfactants that should be removing dirt and oil. We have all seen shampoo advertisements showing happy, beautiful people taking showers with their heads heaped high with mounds of lather. These images have taught the public to associate lather with cleansing ability. The truth is, lots of foamy lather only means too much shampoo was used. Excess foam equals waste. Sebum and other oils quickly destroy foam. Ideally, the head should have just enough lather to lubricate the scalp and hair. This will help your fingers massage the shampoo more effectively into the hair. Fragrances and foaming qualities are not good ways to evaluate shampoos. ”

This post reiterates everything we are trying to teach our customers and beauty products users around the world. But, sometimes it takes more than one person to convince people of something. I recommend checking out the rest of the article to learn why it is so important to use Sulfate-Free hair care products.

To learn more about Use Me Products and purchase our Sulfate-Free Cleansers, visit our website at

Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Amazing Before and After’s From America’s Beauty Show

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A select few at Americas Beauty Show in Chicago were fortunate enough to feel the full effects of Use Me’s eco-chic luxury products. Our 100% recylced and recylcable booth was constructed to support two mini hair stations. It was amazing to watch as our expert stylists completely transformed these women in less than 45 minutes. All of us at the show were moved by the fact that some were even brought to tears by their new hair, achieving looks they never thought possible. Needless to say, every model bought product.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat

Check Out Our Patented Filling Station

You’ve heard us talking about it, now see for yourself. This patented in-salon Filling Station allows customers to refill their empty product bottles with ease. And as if that is not enough, the frame is built entirely from recycled wood and metal in Biddeford, Maine!

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Refill, Reuse, Repeat

What Your Shampoo Is Telling You: why Use Me does not use recycled plastic for our bottles.

I want to start off by saying that recycling is very important. This article is not meant to dissuade you from recycling, which at this point in time is a necessity, but rather to explain our position and enlighten our readers.

One of the latest eco-friendly practices is to use recycled plastic for your containers, and the higher the percentage, the better. We agree that there is entirely too much plastic in circulation and that, when safe, applicable and manufactured properly, recycled plastic is a necessity. But there is a much better alternative, STOP PRODUCING PLASTIC. Of course this is out of the question, but the real answer to curb our addiction to plastic is to stop producing so much.

I’m going to go on a little numerical tangent to help illuminate my point. Lets say the average American washes their hair once a day with shampoo. If the amount used is roughly two teaspoons, that means you are using about 0.5 oz. of shampoo per wash. Under these conditions, a 12oz shampoo bottle will last you 24 washes, which at 1 wash per day, is 24 days. This means that the average person uses 15-16 bottles of shampoo (not including conditioner, styling product, or body wash/lotion) per year. That may seem like a small amount, but if you multiply that by the amount of people in the US, which according to the government census bureau is roughly 313 million, you find that we use about 4.695 billion shampoo bottles a year (enough bottles to wrap around the Earth almost 24 times!!!). Recycling one plastic bottle takes about .0015 KilowattHours. So to recycle all those bottles, you are using 7,042,500 KWh of energy. A gallon of crude oil can produce 40 kWh of heat and a large power plant is about 42% efficient, which indicates that one gallon of crude oil can produce about 17 kWh. So, to recycle just the shampoo bottles used in the US would take about 414,265 gallons of oil. 3.15 barrels of crude oil produce about 1 tonne of CO2, so from recycling alone 131,512 tons of CO2 is produced yearly. Not so good right?

As the video shows (granted with a couple minor grammatical errors), recycling plastic is not as good as it seems. Of course this does not mean that simply throwing empty bottles in the trash is the way to go, but what I want you to understand is that recycling is a part of the solution, not the answer itself. The most important piece of the equation is to curb our use of plastics. This is why Use Me developed the Filling Station. By incorporating the Filling Station into retailing our products, we have been able change the amount of shampoo bottles you will use per year from 15, to 1. In fact, if all goes to plan you will only need one bottle for the rest of your life. This would scare other brands, because only selling one bottle means less money for them. But, we are not in this for the money. We at Use Me want to change ourselves, our communities, our country, and then the world, and this is a major first step.

Now, while i think that was a pretty good place to leave it, you may be wondering why we do not use recycled plastic to make the one bottle. The answer is that we have not yet found a recycled plastic that meets our personal health requirements. It can be very difficult to track what types of plastic are in the recycled plastic, and this means that they may not be BPA-free. We hold ourselves to the highest of standards and want to make sure our products are the safest that they possibly be. At this moment in time, that means not taking the risk with recycled plastic.

References and Continued Reading

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