5 Reasons Why Use Me Products Is The Most Eco-Conscious Professional Hair Care Brand Available

Use Me Products was created to right the many wrongs in the the beauty industry. One of our biggest concerns was creating a brand that could be synonymous with healthy living, sustainability, and eco-consciousness. As a consumer, it is difficult to discern the most environmentally friendly brands because the definition of eco-consciousness varies from person to person. I recently read a blog post that listed the top ten environmentally friendly celebrities, one of whom his only claim to eco-consciousness was buying a prius… There are many companies that claim to be eco-friendly, yet often fail to encompass the big picture by only focusing by a few small pieces of the puzzle. With Use Me, we did our best to examine every aspect of our brand, from ingredients to production, in order to create the most comprehensively eco-conscious products available. This way, our customers can be confident that by choosing Use Me they are making the best decision for themselves and the planet.

5 Reasons Why Use Me Products Is The Most Eco-Conscious Professional Hair Care Brand Available:

1. The Patented Use Me Filling Station

One of the most exciting and eco-conscious aspects of the Use Me brand is our patented filling station. This 100% recycled and reclaimed fixture allows customers to refill their BPA-free cleanser and moisturizer bottles in the salon. Recycling is great, but this feature almost entirely eliminates post consumer waste by allowing Use Me patrons to use one bottle for years!

2. Sulfate-, Paraben-, BPA-Free

To the educated consumer, picking between hair care brands feels like picking between poisons. This is not the case with Use Me products. Sulfates, parabens, and BPA are all chemicals that have been receiving very negative views. Scientists have uncovered that these three are a menace in the beauty industry and are often the culprit behind many acute physical symptoms such as dry scalp, itchy eyes, and swollen hands as well as serious chronic conditions as a result of their ability to mimic certain hormones in the body and even cancer. Not only that, but these chemicals often find their way into our local ecosystems waterways, where they wreak havoc on the wildlife. By excluding all of these chemicals, we have taken a huge step in improving the health of our patrons as well as improving the earth.

3. Made In the USA

Besides the obvious economic benefits of making our products in the US, there are many environmental benefits that often go unnoticed. People fail to realize the immense carbon footprint that all foreign products produce. Not only are many of these products produced in facilities with lower quality standards, but shipping them to the US is a very costly venture. Studies show that global merchant fleets carbon emissions are somewhere around 1.12 billion tonnes (1tonne = 1000 kilograms)!

4. Vegan, Organic Ingredients

Our products are as organic and natural as they can be while still maintaining professional functionality. By selecting only the finest and most necessary ingredients for our products, we not only protect our customers from unhealthy, over-processed substances, but also support eco-conscious, sustainable practices.

5. 1% for the Planet Member

1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. At Use Me Products, we are proud to give 1% of our sales to environmental causes around the globe.

In an industry where is often hard to find effective products that coincide with your morals, we fill a niche. Our customers no longer have to sacrifice their health for their looks, or vice versa.

Refill, Reuse, Repeat



Why Use ME?

Why Use Me?

We are a line of hair care products that is all about natural ingredients, eco-smart packaging and giving back to create a better, cleaner world. The product line was developed by salon entrepreneurs because they were tired of companies promising and selling one thing and, after experiencing a few years of success, changing the game by becoming part of a larger concern.

Additionally, the founders set out to create a line that was/is good enough to eat… these vegan products are sulfate free and are harmless on all fronts – body and earth. They work incredibly well and are the definition of sustainability because once the initial bottle is purchased, the packaging can be re-used at a specially and consciously constructed salon-based Filling Station (See Here).

The products:

  • contain organic ingredients.
  • are created for all types of hair.
  • are pleasantly scented and not overly perfumed.
  • were created by salon professionals.
  • work.
  • come in eco-friendly reusable packaging.

For the salon owner:

“Use Me is the coolest line I’ve seen in years… their natural products really work and I love the reaction my customers have when they find out that they don’t cost an arm and a leg to use (beauty in this case does not have its price) and that the shampoos, conditioners and styling products can be re-filled right here. Oh, and the fact that I can sell the re-fill bar as furniture to my clients is kinda cool, too.”

  • 100% natural & organic, vegan ingredients, not overly scented, eco-friendly great scented products that work.
  • Tested and used at a salon on humans, no animal testing ever.
  • 100% post-consumer waste packaging that is re-useable, re-filled at salon-based enviro-friendly re-fill bar.
  • Created by salon professionals who care as much about beauty as they do about mother earth.
  • Use Me products work, they are smart and mark the beginning of a revolution in hair care that considers, profits, the environment and your clients’ budgets.

Need I say more?

Refill, Reuse, Repeat